Welcome to St. Mark’s Boys’ High School.

At St. Marks Boys High School we strive to provide an enabling environment that allows students to achieve their potential.

The school provides opportunities for each student to gain self- confidence and build their self- esteem

St. Marks offers a broad and wide curriculum line with the approved KICD curriculum. The school ensures that the curriculum is effectively implemented.

The school administration is committed to ensuring that a good working relationship exists between the teaching and support staff. This is done through effective delegation of duties, equal and fair opportunities, motivation, staff trips, use of incentives and allowances when affordable.

Learners motivation is core and this is achieved when their need are met. At St. Mark’s  there’s clear curriculum implementation policy that ensures that students are taught and continuously assessed, pastoral care with a full time chaplaincy office ensures the school provides the necessary support alongside this is a  very effective guidance and counseling department, co-curricular; games and sports, clubs and societies are also very active

At St Marks we believe that we offer the very best of teaching and learning specially tailored to meet the holistic needs of the growing young person.

St   Mark High School


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