St mark’s Boys High School – Cherangani was established in 1968 as Cherangani Secondary – a mixed boarding institution . This was after a white   settler Lt Stoneham donated one hundred and two acres of land acres of land for establishment for the first ever African Secondary School in then Trans Nzoia District.

On 1st July 2000 the school’s changed its name from Cherangani Secondary School to St Mark’s High School- Cherangani in ceremony presided over by Anglican Arch Bishop the Rev. Dr. David Gitari.

In the year 2000 the School’s PTA and the BOG committees decided to have the school split into St Mark’s Boys High School –Cherangani and St Mark’s Girls high School –Cherangani hoping that this would spur improved performance for the girl child whose performance all long had been dismal.

New classrooms along side an administration block were put up immediately and in the year 2004 all girls comprising of one stream per stream per class moved to the new classrooms under the leadership  of te new deputy principal Mrs Agenes Chemiat who became pioneer school manager (Principal).

Since the split and the subsequent transition to record significant improvements  in all its undertaking.

For the few years the school has been in existence as boys establishment educational improvements of significant  magnitude have been achieved. This include a renewed focus by most of staff members towards educational   improvement; visionary leadership; and able BOM and PTA team. To  this effect on continuous basis , all key players and major stake holders have been actively seeking ways to constantly improve  educational outcomes therein.


            ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE SCHOOL Subject mean score performance from 2004 to …

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